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Coronavirus having impact on film industry

The coronavirus has affected the lives of people all over the world. With people remaining in quarantine, businesses being shut down, and people being unable to work and have a steady income, the world is in a very difficult space.

Amongst those affected by the virus are those in the film industry. Companies such as Disney, Warner Bros, and many Chinese film industries are being affected by the virus due to the movie theatres closing down, lack of film festivals such as the San Diego comic-con.

According to author of “How the coronavirus outbreak is roiling  the film and entertainment industries” Alissa Wilkinson “financial ramifications will likely be felt by studios, filmmakers, theater owners, and more for months or even years.”

According to Endicott filmmaking graduate Elliot Trubowitz “the industry as a whole has had to adapt”, because of the pandemic.

“Productions are halted, movies that were to have theatrical releases are going direct to DVD and streaming platforms or are being delayed, which severely cuts into the profitability of all the projects across the board,” said Trubowitz.

In order to combat this, people are meeting virtually in order to prevent the spread of the virus and get work done.

Current NECC liberal arts’ Psychology major Kendall Tobin agrees with this idea, stating “I think that the film industry is trying to do the best that they can for everyone’s safety and it’s better for them to push back release dates back rather than release them now and risk people contracting the virus”.

“It also discourages those from tempting to go out and boosts the online & streaming market,” said current NECC art and design student Justin Stevens.


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