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Life after coronavirus

Times ae changing and our lifestyle as we know it will never be the same as it was because of the Covid-19.

Until a short time ago we could hug our friends or family without fear, the students attended their respective schools or universities, people worked without any problem, masks and disinfectants were not essential items and at this time of the year people could go out to enjoy the outdoors, sunbathe and go on vacation.

As the Covid-19 pandemic progressed, countries and international organizations were developing guides on the measures to be taken like how to detect and isolate cases, social distancing, among other things more. But what they have not yet announced is how to confront the Covid-19 pandemic when the confinement is over.

We all want to get back to normal as soon as possible. But it seems that most of us are still not aware that nothing will return to normal or many things will not be normal again as it was before the epidemic. Rafael Oviedo, 19 -year-old journalism student says, “At least for the next 12 months it will be a fact that we will have to give up social gatherings, it will be stricter in the number of people per space.” he also adds “We will have to get used to digital interpersonal relationships for a long time.”

Many people talk about what our life will be like after quarantine, but very few talks about how this epidemic will affect education in the next semesters. Clearly before the epidemic, classes were normal, as they have been for a lifetime. But with everything that is happening with the covid-19 around the world, the classes worldwide will surely change, but we don’t know how.

“As a student, I feel that very little is being said about education.” Rafael said, “Almost all the debate goes through how they were approved in this course, but very few people wonder how it will begin next year, under what conditions and modality.” He concludes by saying “There are many people who will start studying in the next academic cycle and there are no clear answers. I have not heard anything from the media or politicians about this.”

We are already experiencing the consequences of the virus.

Beyond the isolation in our homes, many businesses that depend on social contact, such as restaurants, cinemas, museums, etc. will see reduced these large numbers of people and directly the amount of their income.

The Covid-19 it will also affect parents, who will have to educate their children at home and combine it with their jobs. Because another point in this change is the large number of jobs that will be affected. Alix Tavarez, 19, Criminology student says, “A lot of people were out of work, many businesses have fallen. People are going to be traumatized for a long time.”

The impact of the coronavirus in the United States also hits economically. There are about 3.3 million jobless claims around the country. And every time these numbers go up.

Some people fear that the worst is yet to come, and that the unemployment rate could increase

Densy De La Rosa, 19, Home Health Aid says, “We are experiencing many changes in our day to day, now staying at home means having to work or study. And all this seems to be that it will be for a long time” Densy said, “Most of us don’t know when we can go back to work.”

The truth, many of us are not prepared for how to face life.

Many people will be afraid of being in a place with many people around them, many will start to prefer to stay home. But of course, not everyone will be like this, because many people at the end of the quarantine will not give it any importance, they will continue to make their lives as before the epidemic. They will not protect themselves.

 The human being is not yet prepared on how to live together after this pandemic. We will have to learn, as if we were children again. Only time will tell if we will learn fast enough.



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