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Tea helps to cope with quarantine, symptoms

I think I was exposed to Coronavirus.

 The day was Tuesday April 14, 2020. I woke up that morning with a cold.  I was scheduled to work and was debating whether I would work the shift, or if I would disappoint my job. I asked my coworker for his advice. He then shared with me a COVID-19 related email he had received.

As I read the email I realized that I could potentially have the virus. I called my manager right away. Flashbacks of me not being cautious start playing in my head as the phone rings. I share with them the news and they tell me to get tested right away.

 My doctor informs me that my symptoms arent typical but there’s still a possibility of infection. She instructs me to stay in my room for a total of 10 days. I was not allowed anywhere in the house without gloves or a mask, and I was forced to self medicate. My schedule looked a bit like this:

 9 am: Morning tea, vitamins, alongside regular cough medicine.

 3pm: Afternoon tea, and second dose of regular cough medicine

 11pm: Night Time tea 

 I wasnt eating as much as I wanted to because my sense of taste and smell disappeared but luckily I made it through. There is no proof that the teas actually did something but it seemed to work for me.

I was fortunate enough to not develop any further symptoms, but this experience was life changing. I believed I was being careful but in reality the only way to be safe is to be home. So with that being said; please stay home!

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