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Vaccine inside a box

As we are reaching the end of our two month mandatory lockdown, many things about the American way have changed dramatically. For starters, no one can say that they fully grasp the context of the walking epidemic and the impact it will have in months to come or even the next few years. This is probably the highest unemployment rate that the country has ever seen, and the rise in the rate of people needing to ask for food and other resources to make ends meet.

The social structure of school has vanished, and some workers have kids that they don’t have child care for anymore. Sports of all kinds are canceled and many people are stuck inside trying to find a purpose to life at this point.

But, as the world turns, so does the way we think and comprehend things. How do we have fun? How do we get back to normal? What is normal? Being a journalist, I have asked many questions on these issues. Most people think that its just crazy to not be able to gather with family and friends and have a good time, and its a very hard time to be alone.

One answer I found came from a source that I will let remain unknown for personal reasons, but this person is very scared of the lines outside the store where people have to risk getting sick and dealing with unpleasant people. When thinking about everything, personally I believe this pandemic is very media-fueled. Too many Americans are trying to cope without fear but the news on TV has us lost. That fear has exacerbated the monster called COVID, to the point that humans are under extreme scrutiny.

The only way for us to move is up and when looking through the lens of 2020 I see hope. The lockdown has shown us that maybe the protest culture is dead, and we Americans are truly in love with social distance and staying home. But nonetheless a vaccine will come soon if the story line is true about people working around the clock the develop it. Only question is, will it be given at your local library or will it be shipped to every American mailbox called Vaccine Inside a Box?”