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Five more things to do during a pandemic: Fighting boredom one task at a time

We are weeks into Massachusetts’ shut down and there’s no telling how long this pandemic will actually last. To keep in theme with my last story, I offer you a list of five more things to do in or around your home while quarantined. Those who are not very artistically inclined can appreciate this list much more, as these options are less artistic and more practical.

  1. Watch netflix. The first on the list is one I assume to be the most popular during this time. In case you’re unfamiliar, Netflix is a streaming service that offers thousands of shows, specials, and movies to watch in all genres. There’s a little something of everything on there, making it possible for almost anyone to find something they like. Included in Netflix’s Top 10 titles list this week (as of May 11) are titles including films Sleepless, John Henry, Den of Thieves, Becoming, Extraction and netflix original shows, Workin Moms, Dead to Me, Hollywood, Outer Banks, and Ozark.
  2. Take up interior designing. Being cooped up inside, you may realize how outdated or cluttered your space is. Unlock your inner interior designer and take the time to redesign, move some furniture around, add some new pieces, and create DIY decor projects. Or do some next level spring cleaning and maybe finally get to cleaning that messy closet. Declutter your space, declutter your mind.
  3. Launch a creative endeavor. Whether it’s a blog, podcast, novel, or starting your music career – now may be a good time to get a head start. With the extra time some have on their hands, sitting down and brainstorming ideas or crafting the perfect alias could serve as something both productive and entertaining. No one is expected to emerge as the new Britney Spears or Stephen King but finally taking the time to evaluate and experiment those ideas you saved for later could prove to be liberating and who knows, maybe the next pop icon will emerge.
  4. Complete a puzzle. This is a simple activity but can keep a person captivated for hours. The traditional puzzle comes in a range of pieces, with a variety of subjects for images, and can be purchased online or even traded with friends or neighbors. Virtual puzzles are also an option as well as teasers, tests, and illusions.
  5. Try something new. Whether it be cooking a new recipe or dish, trying to learn a new language, or finally learning how to do a cartwheel, go out of your comfort zone and explore new territory. Now is a time as different as any so why not go with the flow and try something unexpected.

There is no clear end of this pandemic in sight but that does not mean we should just sit around and wait. Now is the time to narrow in on priorities and make the days count, whatever that may mean to every individual person.

Although the state of Massachusetts is looking to reopen soon, as Massachusetts Mayor Charlie Baker recently released a four phase plan to reopen the state, openings and ventures will still be very limited.

It’s better to be inside, doing something productive, than wasting away counting down the days until the coronavirus has been vanquished. Or at least under control.