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The best A24 films to watch

A24 is an independent entertainment company that produces films. Over the years their selection of films has expanded and reached different platforms. These may be some of the best movies coming out now in terms of screenplay, creativity, and cinematography.

If you haven’t taken the time to watch an a24 film I highly recommend you do. They have movies ranging from horror to coming to age etc. You will not be left disappointed by their catalog.

Out of all the films, these are the ones that truly caught my interest.
Lady Bird (2017)
Greta Gerwig’s’ Ladybird is a coming of age story about a high school girl who’s tired of her small town in Sacramento. This film gives an insight into what it really means to grow up.

Florida Project ( 2017)
Monee and her struggling mom live surrounding” the most magical place in the world” but are living a completely different reality. This movie showcases the harsh reality that some of the residents in Florida endure.

Mid 90s (2018)
Jonah Hill’s directorial debut; is a story about a 13-year-old skater-boy growing up in the 90s. This movie delivers the pressure of growing up without parental figures.

Amy (2015)
Although A24 is known for its creative films, they have also been successful with their documentaries. Amy is a celebration of the remarkable Jazz star Amy Winehouse’s life, and career.