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Tips for coping with anxiety

These troubling times have taken a toll on our mental health. Being forced to be home hasn’t been easy for anybody, but it is exceptionally hard for those with disorders. It feels like things aren’t ever going to clear up but trust me, somewhere down the line there will be better days.  
As a person with a disorder I understand how easy it is to get stuck on things we can’t control, but if we take it one day at a time, we can overcome it. These thoughts come and go but the only way through is through.  
These are the ways that I work through anxiety: 
1. Breathing exercises: 
If you feel yourself dissociating from reality close your eyes and breathe slowly.  As you’re breathing in, touch your fingertips and count to three. Repeat this exercise until you feel better. 
2. Go on a nature walk or a drive: 
Social distancing does not mean you can’t go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Sometimes all your mind and body needs is some air and vitamin D. Go put on your headphones and enjoy the little joys that we have in life. However, remember to observe the six feet and mask rules. 
3. Exercise: 
Working out is a very efficient way to work through anxiety, depression...etc. Luckily, there are many workout challenges online (thanks to YouTube) that can be done right at home. There are many ways to work out whether it’s riding a bike, dancing, Zumba and the list goes on. Get that cardio in today! 
4. Drink tea: 
Tea is proven to bring anxiety levels down. So, whenever you feel your heartbeat thumping, head to the kitchen and start boiling the water! This is my favorite one because I get to try all sorts of tea, but the one that seems to do its justice with me is Chai. 
5. Reach out: 
Sometimes all we have to do is speak to those we love. If that is not possible then reaching out to teachers and people who care about us in general can be a big help. As corny as it is, High School Musical was right, “We’re all in this Together”.