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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Pandemic Etiquette 101

The day of March 12 will live in infamy due to the coronavirus pandemic and how it subsequently shook up the world.

When this pandemic first hit, we didn’t exactly know what we were in for but we knew that life as we knew it would never be the same.

The pandemic has really changed how we act as a society and has given us a whole new bunch of rules to follow.

There are the classics like social distancing, wearing masks and practicing good hygiene, however no one really talks about another how the aspects of daily life have changed.

“Socialization — people are staying home more often due to the pandemic,” said Carrie Corsaro, NECC Educational Coach said.

We are now recommended to eat outdoors, shop using one-way lanes and get our education through a variety of technological applications due to the virus.

There is something that people also do not consider when discussing pandemic etiquette, and that is the mentality of how it affects people of different ages.

The response from children is different from the response from adults.

“I would say children have a harder time with this because they don’t know what is going on,” said Henry Nachamie, NECC student.

It does not matter how old you are, good etiquette is always important especially in trying times such as these.

As long as we stay careful and vigilant and follow the guidelines, then we will return to a new normal and be better off for it.