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Students reflect on loss of on campus experience

Not much has changed since March of 2020. NECC students remain inside, learning through the screens of their laptops. The only thing that is different is the question of what could have been.

Claudia Sanchez, 21, an elementary education major, shares her reaction to the news of online learning.

“I was excited, I thought online would mean ease of access,” she said.

But online classes did not come without setbacks. For Sanchez, grasping teacher’s style of teaching has been difficult to grasp and even more so in an online setting. Online learning has not only made it difficult for students in the aspects of learning, but also on a social level.

Like many others, Sanchez craves activity. She was looking forward to attending school and being able to do something productive.

“I wanted to challenge myself and get closer to my goal rather than standing still and doing nothing,” she said.

Another student who wishes to remain anonymous says, “I just miss seeing things.”

The student mentions the past sights of students walking the hallways or studying in the library, and how it would be nice to see such things once again.

However students do understand what’s at stake, and agree with the restrictions put in place.

Sarah Sanford, an english major from Methuen states, “closing the school ensures the safety of students and faculty members.”