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Our civic duty: An overview of the 2020 election

The long awaited election of 2020 is finally upon us. This election is high stakes, and many substantial changes could result from it. While the official Election Day is on Nov....
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How working students have adapted to online schooling and learned to balance their schedule

Studies such as one from  the American College Health Association state that 45% of college students feel like they experience “more than average” stress reveals the mindstate...
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NECC students get out (or mail in) the vote

With Election Day near, voting is especially critical. If you’ve already voted, whether you mailed it in or went to the polls, you’re good to go. But, if you haven’t it should be...
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Esports flourish in a virtual world

During the pandemic we have had a significant lack of sports due to social distancing. Golf courses where shut down, basketball and, football. Only recently we’ve had a return of...
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Credibility, the seemingly lost art form

In the case of the last couple of weeks we have seen headlines suggesting Osama Bin Laden is still alive, that there is a cabal of Democrat pedophiles running Washington D.C, and...
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