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Students weigh in on learning in today’s world

The pandemic has brought upon us some new regimes, and the effects on school learning and how students’ classes are done is one of the biggest ones

With the whole “social distancing” that has been implemented in our lives to stop the spread of the pandemic, there have been many different ways schools have implemented their classes and how they teach.

There have been different types of virtual learning, some requiring zoom classes while others not requiring any zoom meets at all,  and some who still have in-person classes being held. The different types of learning have brought some mixed reviews from different students

John Kaidbey, an NECC student, has had no zoom meetings at all and all work has been done virtually with modules. “It’s been a lot more convenient doing classes this way,” Kaidbey said. “ I don’t have to wake up early for zoom classes or attend any, and I can pace myself each week with my work. I wouldn’t mind doing this again next semester.”

NECC is one of the few that have done virtual learning with no zoom classes. And while it’s different, you can see why students like Kaidbey would prefer to learn this way with no meetings and work you can do at your own pace.

But there are other schools that do not do the same.

Dan Berberian, a Umass Lowell student, has had to do virtual meetings and zoom classes, which he’s had a disliking for. “Having to sit in your house doing multiple virtual classes for multiple classes has not been enjoyable. It’s put me and others to sleep,” Berberian said. “The teachers also look uninspired doing it, and a couple students just skip.”

“Tests are also weird as well. Doing them with the camera on and the teacher just sitting there watching you, I don’t think anyone likes that,” he said.

Berberian also mentioned that he’d prefer to do classes in person or doing school with no zoom classes and assignments online, the same method that Kaidbey has been taking.

While many are doing virtual learning, there are also some who are doing in-person classes, even with the pandemic.

Sam Yanowitz, an Andover High School senior, has been one who’s had to do these in-person classes.

“Though we’re in person, it’s certainly been a change from my first three years,” Yanowitz said. “The school is  separated into two cohorts as they call it, so we don’t go to school everyday. And at school many classes are held outside as well as inside as a way to distance, which is also something new.”

Yanowitz also mentions  that many students do wear masks at the school. He’s also not sure how outside classes will go when it becomes extremely cold.

“This is Massachusetts, not Florida, no one is going to want to do school outside when it’s freezing cold.”

Many high schools have had to adjust to new ways to do in-person classes, along with some colleges as well.

The many types of learning during the pandemic have brought some mixed reviews, and it’s been an odd time for everyone.