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Social media leads to an acceptance dilemma

Social media has become an enormously powerful tool that society has used for many different purposes. From Facebook to Instagram to many others we now have more ways to connect with people and to share information than ever before.

However, with great technological advances there comes a problem that needs to be addressed and that is how we are accepted in society. As more people are joining this ever-evolving movement, there appears to be a disconnect with how people are presenting themselves to the world.

“I think a lot of people get popular from social media and it depends on the person,” said NECC student Nisaly Gonzalez. There are many people in the world who use social media to help launch their careers by becoming influencers but as people are doing so, they become less likely to act like themselves in the process.

There is also an important factor that needs to be considered and that is the one that we call age. There are very stark differences of how kids and adults’ access social media.

“I think kids go on social media just for fun and entertainment, while adults go for work purposes,” Gonzalez said. There is also a maturity factor that plays in there as well.

“Adults are more mature than kids,” NECC student Nicholas Dalton said.

This has led many people to struggle with being accepted in today`s age of technology and really brought this idea of social media culture to the forefront.

“The advice I’d give someone struggling with changing themselves cause of a social media trend is I`d ask them  why they’d want to change themselves so much for something so small that’s not going to matter later. Wanting to look like someone else just because you can isn’t a great way to view yourself when you are already good as you are. Don’t copy someone else who is doing something that doesn`t work for you,” NECC student Khory Smith McPherson said.

There are many ways to combat this increasing problem.

“Taking it down and stop using it for a while,” Dalton said.

“Just being yourself is what matters most, following a trend isn`t bad just you don`t have to change something that is already working fine,” Smith McPherson said.



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