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How NECC students are feeling about the 2020 election results

Millions nationwide have anxiously awaited and anticipated the final deliberations of the 2020 presidential election between current President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden. As the last ballots were finally counted, Biden and his Vice President elect Kamala Harris were officially announced the new leaders of America for the upcoming term of 2021. After speaking with many NECC students about the concluding results and aftermath of the election, most remain hopeful for the future of this country.

Victoria Martinez, 19, a health major from Haverhill, explained how despite her not being a very political person, she did have hope for Biden and Harris to win the election — surprised that they actually did. She continued to explain that as she still does not expect for much change to occur during this upcoming term, she is hopeful that things will change eventually — especially concerning the recent, on-going social and political justice issues in America.

When asked about her feelings regarding Harris becoming the first African American woman Vice President, she explained that “Having a woman of color in office could bring much peace for Women’s Rights and racial equality.” She stated, “I think she’s [Harris] a really good influence for women—especially of women mixed-race. If Biden doesn’t do anything for America, Kamala will.”

Jeremy Isabelle, 20, a journalism and communications major from Haverhill, stated “This was the first election I was eligible to vote in. I thought it was my civic duty to try to inspire the change in the country that I wished to see.”

When asked about his wishes for the future of America, he explained that he’d like to see “A revaluation of the immigration system in this country and a thoughtful reconstruction of the Supreme Court — so that it doesn’t always dominate one political party’s agenda.”

Isabelle also desires a socialized healthcare system, because “It has been proven to work in other countries that are not entirely socialist states.”

When asked about which social/political problem he would change or fix in America if he could choose any, Isabelle explained, “I would probably change the healthcare or education system. I feel like both healthcare and education prices are at exorbitant rates. Both strike home for me because I have celiac disease and also wish to raise a child in a system that doesn’t view education as a commodity.”

Isa Grullon, 34, a journalism and communications major from Lawrence, said that although she believed Biden would win, she was “flabbergasted at how many people voted for Trump.”

When asked whom she would personally choose, living or dead, to be the next president of the United States, she decided on Trevor Noah — a famous South African comedian and political commentator. She explained, “I enjoy his sense of humor and view on life. His perspective is very thoughtful, and his zodiac sign is a cancer.”

The Presidential Election of 2020 was, and still is, a highly controversial topic and source of much debate and discontent for most. However, as the new year quickly approaches, many NECC students seem pleased with the results of this year’s election and the elected future leaders of our country.

Martinez, Isabelle, and Grullon all remain encouraged and optimistic for a major change that will positively impact the future of American citizens — potentially beginning with Biden and Harris.