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Residents share thoughts on governor’s recent COVID regulations

The state of Massachusetts has been hit hard with the Covid virus, so there’s no surprise some new regulations have been put in place.

Recently on November 6th, Gov. Charlie Baker put in new regulations where everyone over the age of 5 has to wear a mask in all public places, with those having medical conditions or disabilities being exempt from the rule. Baker also put in a rule stating  all residents have to be at their homes from 10pm to 5am, unless someone is at work, running important errands, or taking a walk.

Public gatherings have also been limited to 10 indoors and 25 outdoors, those who do not follow are subjected to being fined.

These regulations have brought some mixed reviews from the general public. Some are fine with it, while others not so much.

“It has no effect on me,” said Gabriel DeJesus, NECC student. “With Covid and stuff, there’s not much to do anyways, and it will  make things safer with the mask regulation.”

“The limit on public gatherings might also help with the recent spike of cases in Massachusetts, but we’ll see how much it will truly help” said deJesus, who does have his doubts about the gathering law.

Others though do not agree with the curfew law and have their questions about it. CJ Leblanc was one of those people.

“ I will still follow the mask laws and curfew regulations the best I can, but I don’t get the curfew order.” Leblanc said.

“Covid is not some sort of nocturnal disease, it doesn’t only come out at night, you’re just as much at risk at day time as you are at night time,” Leblanc said.

Some people will be fine with these regulations, while others do have their questions.

The public will just have to wait and see whether or not the spike in cases in Massachusetts will decrease with Baker’s new regulations, or if it will have no effect.