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The futile endeavor: Purchasing Sony’s next gen console

After years of speculating, months of teasing, and hours of waiting, we finally got an official release date for Sony’s Playstation 5. The Playstation 5 released here in the U.S. on Nov.12, and people have been going crazy. Following the release of its predecessor 7 years later, the Playstaion 5 has already made a massive impact with the world, and to those lucky enough to have had the opportunity to purchase one. I am not one of those people.

I remember being 17, and always keeping up to date on new video games and new consoles that were releasing. I would always check for updates and news articles on multiple websites, to make sure that I didn’t miss anything. Now that I am older (and I mean much older) it seems as I don’t have much time anymore to keep updated on any of those things, so I find out about things late, like the old man that I am.

Although I don’t quite keep up with news regarding video games, I still play video games on my free time. The older I get, the less free time I have, hence why I don’t know anything, about anything anymore.

About a week ago, a friend contacted me saying “Are you planning on purchasing the PS5 ?” Which I responded with “I didn’t even know it was releasing.”

His question sparked excitement inside of me, as I began to remember what it was like to own a gaming console, and what it was like to be excited about a video game again. 7 years ago, I stood in line at a Best Buy until it hit midnight, so I could purchase the Playstation 4.

I was so excited that I thought about doing the same again. I planned to go the night of release to Best Buy again, as I assumed they’d have plenty in stock.

I was wrong.

I called a Best Buy and to my disappointment, they told me that they only have a handful in stock, and there were already people waiting in line outside, rain and all.

I was confused as it was Tuesday, but the console didn’t release until Thursday. In a sad, and tired voice, the Best Buy employee says to me “Yea, they’re going to camp outside until Thursday morning to purchase one.”

My hopes of waiting in line outside for the sake of nostalgia went straight out the window, along with the Best Buy employee’s patience.

My next move was to attempt to purchase it online, as my friend told me that they were going to be releasing them online as well via Target, Walmart, and Best Buy’s website.

I waited until that morning, surprisingly anxious for this release. 2020 has been nothing but stressful, and it felt nice to have something to look forward to.

The morning came and I had my laptop, my phone, my mother’s phone, my mother’s iPad, my girlfriend’s iPad, my girlfriend’s phone, and my girlfriend’s laptop, all open and ready.

Safe to say that I was prepared.

30 seconds into my mission, and I am already starting to lose hope. Best Buy and Walmart’s website weren’t loading at all, and Target’s page was completely frozen. But I refused to give up.

I kept refreshing the page in hopes that something would work, but everything continued frozen. About a minute had gone by now.

Target’s website finally brought me to the page where you can make your selection and add things to your cart. I successfully added the console to my cart, skipping through all of the other offers they try to throw in your face as a last-minute sale.

I do not want protection. I’ll be extra careful.

Seems like my efforts are being rewarded, as I have successfully added the item to my cart, and I am on the “My cart” page where it still shows my item ready to be purchased. I hovered my little white cursor over the “Checkout” box, and I triumphantly clicked it, with a smile on my face.

Nothing happens.

Maybe I didn’t click it hard enough. I clicked it again, waiting for the page to change.

Nothing happens. Again.

I continued to click on that tiny little red box as if my life depended on it. Nothing was changing, and that little box was just staring back at me, refusing to let go of this webpage, as if mocking me.

10 minutes went by, and nothing changed. I go on Twitter, to see if anybody else is having the same issue as me, and to my surprise, the topic is actually trending on Twitter nationwide. Over 15 thousand tweets, regarding the #SonyPS5 .

I decided to read through some of the top tweets, and I was shocked to see that even some of the bigger verified pages were having the same issue. There was anger and frustration all over the country, and it felt nice to not be alone.

About an hour later, Target and other companies alike all went on social media to address their server issues, and they all apologized for the inconveniences.

Apologizing does not get me a new Playstation 5.