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A console-ation price

Last year’s big event for gaming ( E3 ) was spent really showing off the new gen systems and everything about them; from how they function to the new games that will be released for these consoles.

With all this, the next gen systems came out this year and they became increasingly harder to get than people initially thought. What with scalpers buying them off at bulks with their own money or bots and selling them for more than they are worth to get extra money off of the consumers just trying to get their hands on it.

With this there has been a high demand for the consoles even though Sony has a limited amount of the consoles within their own hands. I will be covering how it’s been as a consumer and have some of my friends give me their experience on how they feel about this.

The consoles came out roughly in the same time and for both when they came out met the same fate, scalpers buying off the consoles using means of their own money and bots if they needed to.

I asked my friend Michael “ with the new consoles it has been increasingly harder to get them, how do you feel about scalpers getting most of if not all the units to themselves?” when anything new comes out there always people around trying to make a quick buck out of it, this was something I knew and his response came out to be the same: “ Scalpers have always been a bit of a travesty, being able to book multiple systems, concert tickets, and the like for years selling it for profit.”

This is honestly true; people will buy things like concert tickets, shoes, and more no matter what it is and try to sell it for more money. Leaving the average consumer with nothing but the emotions they have during the moment.

Funny enough my other friend that is also named Michael let me get his response on the matter as well. The question I gave him was leaning more towards the preparation that was put into getting the consoles ready, mainly the ps5. My question was “ after everything going on with the consoles and them being sold out how do you think playstation companies could better prepare for the next time a new system comes around?”

With this you would think there was probably a better way they could prepare for the situation but sometimes you just have to work with what you get. That was why I was surprised by his response to the question, he replied with “ I think Playstation likely prepared well enough, there’s only so many they can make and have ready especially when pre orders are an option before they just start sitting there taking warehouse space. The demand is higher than their ability to currently make them but it will die down.”

I believe this to be true, at least now. Before I thought that there had to be a way to prepare better for the situation so that the average consumer could get a chance to get the console but for some like scalpers and bots it seems as though it is harder to prepare for than one would think.

With all this being said purchasing the games you want will be a task as well, now that games will cost $70 dollars now than the initial $60 we have been paying before.

Consumers will have to really make sure what game they want and be sure that it will be something they’d want to play.

This next question was based off of that and if at some point in the future we may end up reverting back to the original $60 price. My other friend called Michael responded with “ But games jumping another $10 i think is awful since they already cost so much. On top of that if you have the digital console? Forget it, that’s permanently 70 without a sale or several years waiting…” Honestly i agree with this; these new games coming to these new consoles should not be costing $70 at all.

While yes I understand big triple A titles will be getting pushed and they need the money for the rest of the amount they used on the game it will make it difficult for the average gamer to even pay for the games they want. Especially if they want a collectors edition or special edition.

Getting consoles in the first few days of it coming out has always been a hard task. Things like this are hard to come by and hard to prepare for, but i do believe this has taken a big toll for i think the worst for playstation.

People will make profit off of it and just do what they can with that. I feel as though if there were other ways to make it so that bots would have a harder time getting to buy ps5. The regular consumer will have a harder time obtaining one than those that have more money than that to be able to get it and I think that is a big issue.

Gaming is a big part of my life and I felt like this should be addressed as it is things that can hurt the industry and the companies further. With that being said I don’t think I’ll stop playing games at all. Hopefully things revolving around this find a way to get better and those that don’t have it have a better way of obtaining it.