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Students react to rising COVID numbers statewide

On 16th and 29th of November three members in total of the NECC community were found to test positive for coronavirus. The cases in Massachusetts overall continue to rise, with 4,747 new cases reported by the Massachusetts Health Department this past Sunday. Students are concerned over the cases on campus.

Maire Hughes, 21, from Haverhill is studying art and design in NECC.

She states that she was aware of the cases. “I keep getting notifications on my phone.”

She adds her worry, stating that she hopes none of her friends on campus or anywhere else get it. She goes on to mention the many factors that have caused this yet she says, “The more we do our part, the better society will be next year.”

Many students are also wondering what will occur next semester, and if we will even resume classes in the fall. The college has announced that most classes will be all online in the spring.

“I don’t think the campus will be open next semester, in the beginning. I don’t know what will happen.” Hughes says that it would be better if the school held absolutely no in person next semester, considering that only very specific classes were held on campus this semester.

Another student Nisaly Gonzales, 22, living in North Andover who is majoring in liberal arts at NECC says that it can be scary and worrying. “But I just try not to worry about so much,” she adds. Like many other students she has avoided going to campus as well, determining that it is the safest bet.

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