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Apple’s newest headphones cost about half my rent

Apple has yet again stirred up the internet’s opinions with another piece of tech; the AirPods Max. With one last attempt to get some sales before the Holiday season ends, Apple’s newest headphones are having people raise a lot of questions, but not enough wallets.

If there’s one thing that Apple is good at, is getting us to talk about them. This Tuesday, Apple unveiled their very, very expensive over-the-ear headphones. Apple described their newest product as “the magic of AirPods in a stunning over-ear design,” and based off of the internet’s opinions, they may not be stunning enough.

Apple’s AirPods Max are priced at a heavy $549, which is almost double the price of some of the best over-the-ear headphones that money can buy, and just about the same price as Sony’s PS5. For those struggling to purchase the PS5, this might be a good alternative… kind of? At least you can show off to your friends.

To put things into perspective, here are some things that cost just about the same price as Apple’s newest headphones: A round trip to Paris, a PS5, 3 months of Car Insurance, 33 weeks’ worth of gas in my car (trust me, I did the math.) Safe to say that there are better investments you can make.

These new wireless headphones combine a number of classic AirPods functionalities with a new over-the-ear design.

Key features include Adaptive EQ, Active Noise Cancelling, Transparency mode, and other things that other headphones have already had available, for a very long time (Sony’s X100 line headphones for example.)

There is one thing that might be useful after all though, as the new headphones have a 20-hour battery life. If Apple’s claims are true, that should be just enough battery life to get you through your pandemically stress induced days, with some good tunes.

Apple’s all new AirPods Max are available to preorder from Apple’s website for $549, and was scheduled to be officially released on Dec. 15.



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