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When will Americans finally get the Covid vaccine?

U.S.  health workers today already began receiving their vaccinations, as there are 87 million essential workers in line for theirs. There is no guarantee all of them will receive one though due to the high demand.

“Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines submitted to US states say that the nation’s 21 million healthcare workers should be prioritised first, as well the three million elderly American sliving in long-term care homes,” according to the BBC.

Some companies had just got their vaccines passed by the FDA.

I was able to talk to Michelle Scott, a nurse that works at Lowell General Hospital and she was able to get hers.

“I had the option to get it or not and I felt it was the safest for me to get vaccinated,” she said. “Working in this field everyday you never know who you can come across and what they have.”

Another person I was able to speak with is a Methuen resident Ryan Adams. “I’m excited to be able to get the vaccine and try to move on with everyday normal life again,” he said.

The Trump administration predicts that by at least early February\ many more Americans will have the vaccination available to them.

“The company says they hope to have enough vaccines for 25 million Americans produced by the end of the year, and enough for 50 million by March,” said the BBC.

Cases are continuing to spike as more than 300,000 Americans have died from Covid since January 2020.

A normal life may still be further than we anticipate even with the vaccine out.T

he vaccine itself will not end this pandemic, as we need to take accountability as a community.

Life may not get better until next fall as the BBC news stated “Dr. Fauci says Americans may be able to roll back those necessary precautions by the autumn of 2021 if 70% of the U.S .population has been vaccinated by then.”