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Music review: ‘Whole Lotta Red,’ whole lotta greateness or a whole lotta hype?

On December 25th at 12:00 am on Christmas, the Atlanta rapper Playboi Carti dropped his long awaited second studio album “”Whole Lotta Red””, it received mixed reviews from the fans but to fully understand the album and the strenuous release schedule we must go over the brief history of the album.

The album was announced in late 2018 a couple of months after the release of his first studio album “Die Lit.” Towards the end of 2018 Carti started recording “Whole Lotta Red.” During the process of creating his album he had to deal with numerous leaks. One infamous leak was the song  Pissy Pampers, which was a song featuring Young Nudy. The song went viral even though it was not released officially. Due to that leak and many others Carti had to go back and remake a lot of the album.

He was quiet on social media, until he released the track @meh. Which did not receive the best reviews, causing him to go on another social media hiatus. On November 23 Carti returned from his hiatus and started a campaign of vague tweets teasing the album and On December 25 it was finally released.

The album itself received mixed reviews some people criticized it for not having the features that Carti hinted at. People like Travis Scott, Post Malone, and Pharrell Williams were all rumored to be features on the album. Others just did not like the change of Carti’s overall sound.

Personally, I really enjoy the album. I like how Carti took a more experimental approach to the album with his overall flow and sound. Those changes allow for a unique experience while listing to it. Something else I found cool on the album is some of the references Carti drops on his songs. Such as on the song M3TA MORPHASIS with Kid Cudi when Carti says “They can’t understand me, I’m talkin’ hieroglyphics,” which is a reference to a common criticism of his new flow where he uses a high pitch baby voice that causes people to not understand what he is rapping, that is why he says I’m talkin hieroglyphics.

Finally, the production on the album was amazing because people like Pierre Borne and Kanye West producing the album. It is bound to have some of the most creative and engaging beats and production.

Overall, I think I would give this album an 8/10 and my one suggestion to people who decide to listen to the album after reading this.

Listen to it multiple times, it is the type of music that grows on you and the more you listen to it the more you get into the vibes!