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Sports at NECC have many purposes

The biggest purpose of going to college, if anything, is obviously to study and be able to get adegree in a field that you want to pursue in the future.

Students spend most of their time studying to achieve their goals while receiving much-needed help from the best tutors in the campus. Staff at NECC, however, notice how much students put so much time into studying and working hard to obtain their degrees, so NECC offers students multiple miscellaneous activities to easeout these difficult times and help students cool down.

One of these activities is a popular activity among students, sports.A hobby for some, and a focus for others, sports give students & staff the perfect opportunity to form close bonds with one other and learn the concepts of communication and togetherness.

Athlectic Director Daniel Blair believes that there is something very valuable in learning when it comes to sports at NECC

“Just like the classroom, students can learn many life lessons from athletics and make friendsthat will be life long,” he said.  “Athletics is an extension of the classroom learning experience. The athletic department allows me to work with a diverse group of student-athletes everyday. Ig et great pleasure in working with students and watching them succeed both academically andathletically.”

A much bigger picture, as claimed by the source, can be interpreted when it comes to sports,where most people would see more of the athletic side rather than the academic side.“

We are open to any student who is interested in our program, we try not to turn away any student that wants to be on a team without a fair tryout. Additionally, our coaches recruit specific students for their teams that they believe will be a good fit for the program and allow both thestudent and team to succeed,” he said.

Sports give students a variety of opportunities both in their personal lives and in their academic lives to further their developments.

Jeffrey Mejia, baseball coach and assistant athletic director at NECC, also believes sports can bring ou tboth the physical and mental presence of anybody.

“There are many lessons that can be applied to everyday life. Accountability, dependability andwork ethic are the keys to being successful on and off the field,” he said.