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Students connect through art club

On the cold night of February 10, students turned on their computers and met through the familiar Zoom to have the Art Club meeting. The club is still fairly new, it’s beginning dates back to November of the past fall semester.

A portion of the meeting consisted of what one would expect. The students introduced themselves, and there were discussions about prior meetings, the overall structure of the art club, and upcoming events like the deadline for the Parnassus Magazine. Then the mood changed, and students began to converse. The smiles were apparent and the conversations seemed to be free, and light hearted. The atmosphere was a soothing one.

Blake, 16, who currently has no major but is dual enrolled at NECC states that they have been meeting with the club ever since the beginning. They state they first got involved only because someone they knew asked them to. However the first meeting changed everything for them. “I loved the people who signed up and really enjoyed the things we did.” The club has also come in handy during the isolating times of the pandemic. Blake states, “It’s nice to meet new people.” Other students share the same sentiments as well.

Toni-Ann Pavao from Methuen, 22, is studying early childhood education at NECC. She has been meeting with the club since November 18th of last year. “I am meeting new people and learning about their creative ideas and art flow… I actually also find it a good way to relax and let all the stress out.”

Another student named Amanda Nickerson from Lowell, 33, is studying at NECC to be a healthcare technician. She decided to join in order to become more involved in the college. Amanda states that the meetings have given her something to look forward to each week. “I have a lot of fun during the club meetings. A lot of great energy and interesting people.”

When asked if they recommend the art club to others, these three students replied with, “Yes, 100%!”