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Tips to start a fitness journey

We are only a few weeks into this New Year, and if your New Years’ resolution to eat better, work out, and better your mental health is at a halt especially if you aren’t seeing results right away.

I have the tips and tricks for you to be successful. I got to sit down with Personal Trainer Brandon Amello and Jared Shepard from Cedardale Health and Fitness to get all the answers.

For someone who wants to start living a healthy lifestyle, Brandon Amello said “Baby steps! Developing a healthier lifestyle does not happen overnight. Personally, I recommend starting with making minor changes to your diet, such as eating less processed foods, adding lean healthy proteins, carbs and easing your way into exercise a few days per week over time it will become much easier.”

If you’re just starting out on your fitness journey and not seeing your results right away, Jared Shepard said “If you’re not seeing results right away don’t be concerned. The last person to see your results is you. What matters is consistency. There’s no magic way to get in shape fast, consistency and long-term dedication will get you where you want to be. Stick with it, stay positive and you’re guaranteed to see results over time.”

Amello said “ If you’re just starting out, practice patience. Developing a healthy active life takes time and is different for everyone. Enjoy the process, Benefits will come the more consistent you are. Find what works for you to improve upon it as you see fit.”