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Students, and teachers continue to adjust to online formats

College students have adjusted in profound ways to continue to retain information through the COVID-19 pandemic. It is no secret that the past year has been a culture change to the world, especially college students.

Everything that was planned to happen in the great four or five years of the college experience is now an abandoned thought. In addition, the teacher’s goal to help their students and get the info for the class out is now twice as important as well as twice as hard. Throughout the nation, many teachers have struggled throughout this process of online school.

For many students this format is difficult and they find it hard to retain their information to a point where many students are just teaching themselves. However, many teachers throughout the United States have risen to the occasion and really stepped up for their students so they will have just as much of an opportunity to succeed whether the class is online or in-person.

These are the teachers that have turned into role models with their profound work ethic and determination to help others.

After speaking with numerous students from Northern Essex, it seems that there are some teachers that really look after the students of this college and truly care about these students’ education in such a dire need of it.

For instance, after speaking to sophomore Clay Campbell on this matter, he stated that he indeed has experienced a great class through the pandemic semester.

He shared his experience when he said, “My English class has been so effective because to get better we just have to keep writing. I think the teacher has helped tons of students. It is a class that allows the teacher to facilitate learning more which makes it just as effective as remote as it is in-person.”

This is a great example of a teacher taking the class and working on what they can control to continue to remain effective through this remote process of learning.

Even though it is stressed throughout the media that it must be very hard for college students right now, it is even harder for these teachers to not only provide a curriculum, but to make sure their students can take in as much info as they can.

After speaking with NECC sophomore Logan Burrill, it is clear how many teachers here at Northern Essex are stepping up and playing a great role in the school system.

Burrill expressed his experience so far with remote classes regarding the pandemic when he said, “I would say public speaking because even though I didn’t speak in front of a class I had to speak in front of a camera and prepare just like I was speaking to people in-person. I learned a lot about my weaknesses in this class which helped me become a better leader and communicator. It also even though online translated into real life scenarios.”

Burrill then went on to say how other classes such as statistics were useful this semester because both these teachers were just as invested in the students as the students were invested in the class itself.

That is what students all over the country are looking for at a time like this. Even though there have been great examples throughout the classroom. Sophomore Nick White thought elsewise saying, “I have always enjoyed the academic side of school, but since remote learning has become a way of life, I am yet to connect with a teacher like i could in the classroom. A lot of it is teaching yourself due to teachers not being there when you are in need of assistance.”

Now, this is the other side of the spectrum that needs to be heard as well. It is just as important to not let yourself fall behind, leaving the students to learn for themselves. This is honestly the popular side over the past few months. Teachers need to take the process just as seriously as the students, if not more. There are always two sides to every story. What everyone in the school industry, teacher and student, needs to work on is being consistent with themselves and controlling what you can. Nobody has ever experienced a pandemic like this before. As long as everyone does what they are supposed to do and try their best, there should be no problem within the schooling industry.