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Reflecting on a year of COVID

In March of 2021 the anniversary of the first lockdown came about, and more specifically the first time since NECC shut down and changed the format to online learning. Students reflect on the past year.

Nisaly Gonzalez, who lives in North Andover and is studying Liberal Arts in NECC says that many things have not changed.

“It feels kind of hectic and it’s hard to focus when you’re not in class.”

She also expressed feelings of burnout and wished Spring Break could have been spent fully without any assignments. She adds that being at home most of the time in order to be precautious doesn’t help the burnout. “It can get overwhelming.”

Others feel the same. Erike Schwabe, 23, from Methuen who is studying Art in NECC says, “Doesn’t feel that great that’s for sure.” During such isolating times, many have had their mental health at stake as well.

Schwabe says that when things return to more social settings, “It’s gonna be a bit nerve wracking to adjust.” Just like Gonzalez, she experienced the same feelings of burnout.

After a year however some students have found actions and advice that actually help with the stress and burnout. Gonzalez, for example, says that time management is key.

Schwabe says, “You shouldn’t beat yourself up for not getting as much stuff done as you think you should be.”

She adds that although we are at home for the most part, we still experience stress and our bodies still need rest. “We’re only people, afterall!”