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Baseball team members praise college’s efforts to keep sports going

The officials of the NJCAA, along with college athletes, have adjusted in special ways to continue to play out sports seasons through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the past year,everyone’s lives have altered in some form. College athletes lost a part of themselves throughout this pandemic, and what these NJCAA advisers have done for kids all over the nation is nothing short of spectacular.

In addition, these coaches and head officials common goal is to help thei rplayers get back to the game they fell in love with as a child.

Throughout the nation, manyc oaches have struggled throughout this process of having a season during this pandemic. It hasgotten to a point where having a season is viewed as a luxury.

Many coaches and NJCAA members throughout the United States have risen to the occasion and really stepped up for their players so they will have just as much of an opportunity to succeed and live out their dream.

What Northern Essex has done regarding the public involvement of the baseball teams has been truly amazing.

Several student-athletes from NECC recently shared their experiences and thoughts of the NJCAA sports world throughout the pandemic and shared what Northern Essex has done to help them keep playing.

For instance, freshman Kam Levesque said, “I think the NJCAA has done agood job at trying to give students athletes the opportunity to compete while maintaining safe operations.”

What these officials are going through is no joke.

One mistake can end a season fora team.

Caution is taken into consideration with every game so these kids can play.

When speaking with NECC sophomore Logan Burrill, it is clear how many team members here at Northern Essex and NJCAA officials are stepping up and playing a great role in the college athletic system system.

Burrill expressed his experience so far with college baseball during the pandemic when he said,“NECC coaches and our athletic director have made it so I can play ball and achieve my dreams. NECC has one of the busiest schedules for baseball in the Northeast and I think that speaks for itself that they’re doing everything they can to make it so this season is the best that itpossibly could.”

Burrill then went on to say how members of the athletic department have really taken on the hardest challenge to face and are dealing with it head on.

The fact that NECC has not had an issue with baseball has been great for the program and a life-changing experience for theseplayers.

Sophomore baseball player Nick White made it clear how he felt towards the topic when he said “What NECC is doing is revolutionary for every program. Instead of sitting back and letting the cards unfold too long, the members of the athletic program saddled up and did whatever they could so we can step on the field everyday. Everyday I am lucky to call myself a Knight because of how hard everyone in the program has fought for this to happen.”

This is what happens when a group of people come together and focus on the big picture. The weekly testing,the social distancing, the caution of it all is clearly worth it so these players can continue to do what they love.

Note: Joe Muzio is a member of the NECC Knights baseball team.