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Spreading Alzheimer’s awareness in the community

The Alzheimer’s Association is partnering with NECC to spread awareness about Alzheimers.

The association is inviting NECC, students and their families to participate in an event called, “Know The 10 Signs of Alzheimers.”

The event will be held over a webinar and will be hosted both in Spanish and in English. The event for Spanish speakers will take place during the 26th of April at 6:30 to 7:30 PM. The event for English speakers will take place during the 27th of April at the same time.

The Alzheimer’s Association offers many other services.

Leonor Buitrago, an employee who works for the association says, “We offer educational talks in Spanish about the disease and about care in the different stages of the disease.”

The association also offers support groups, family consultation services, and many more services as Leonor Buitrago told me.

Caroline Hamilton who is studying psychology at NECC, says that she hasn’t given Alzheimer’s much thought since her family doesn’t have any genetic predispositions to it.

However she did say, “I think the public should be well informed on these types of issues.” She added that it was important to understand those issues and the challenges faced by those who have Azlheimers.

Sarah Sanford, another student who is majoring in writing at NECC says that NECC could benefit from events like this to help themselves out and their family members. “I think NECC should have more events like this,” she added.