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My story: A first-year student shares her experiences

I wanted to do an extra credit story and I did not know what I wanted to do the story on. I figured all the news stories about the school probably have already been written and with it being the end of the semester I am somewhat fresh out of ideas. Then I got this idea to write a story about myself. Since I am a NECC student, and I can talk about my experiences here at the school seeing that it is my first year.

I decided to go back to school because I felt as though the world was changing and moving quickly. Moving quickly and advancing every day in technology and new innovations. It is obvious that the world is changing because we are doing things at a much faster rate than ever before, look at the vaccine that was created in less than a year. Because of the ever-changing fast pace that was going on it made me also realize the world as I used to know it, some of the technologies and ideas are obsolete and no longer exist. For me to stay relevant and on top of what’s going on in the world today I thought that now it be necessary to go back to school. I also thought that this is a way to keep up with changes and be in the know while improving my education. I knew that I would someday go back to school, but I did not know what for. I wanted to take courses that was meaningful and useful and that added value to life.

The major I chose to study was Communications/Public Relations. At first, I did not know what to expect but I was very excited. I had not been in school for a long time, so the school put me through some grueling aptitude tests to ensure that I was ready. I happily passed all my test, and I was ready to go.

I am a single divorced mother with two sons, their ages are 19 and 11. We were all going to school online in the midst of the pandemic. It was a little challenging at first trying to navigate through the school website, but I managed to find my way. Whenever I would pass in a paper and I would do very well on the paper it was very rewarding for me, often times I would cry. It was nice and I felt like I was accomplishing something. As a mom and going to school with my children, did not mean that I could neglect my motherly responsibilities. I had to make sure the cooking, the washing and the cleaning was done. My sons would complain if we were having soup and sandwiches for dinner. Children are quick to remind you if you are falling short of your motherly duties. As a mom I always make sure my kids are all set whether I have to leave the house for an appointment, work, Etc.

I loved all my classes and found the school to be incredibly supportive. When I asked the staff to assist me in a paper that I was writing such as if they were available for an interview, they all kindly accepted.

There were some challenges here and there for me personally, but I made it through. I learned so much. In my journalism class there was a section in the course on the amendments and when I saw the work, I thought “the amendments are going to be boring.” Well to my surprise I loved what I learned, and I feel like I am proficient in the First Amendment.

I like the online learning; it works for me because I have a busy schedule. It was important to organize and structure my time that way it would not get in the way of my schoolwork. Keeping focus is key when you are learning online and that is why it is important to have structure. There are so many things that beg for our attention that it is easy to get distracted.

All my studies made me feel as though, they pulled so much out of me as far as my life’s experiences and my journey. I took what I knew and applied it to what I have been learning and used the knowledge with completing some of my assignments. This is also where I could see growth in my life but from a different perspective.

There is so much to say but I will end with this, life has purpose, and we must seek to find it. It is always in important to have gratitude in life and not take things for granted. So many lives have been taken from us with this pandemic, that it is important to remember to be kind and considerate even when the majority is contrary. This has been an amazing semester and I am looking forward to continuing my studies here at NECC.