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Aaaaaand we’re BACK!

During the coronavirus pandemic, Observer staff had to figure out a new way to deliver the news. Enter WordPress. Was I familiar with WordPress? I had heard of it, but I had never seen or used it. This was fine though, because since students, i.e., the Observer student staff, were not allowed on campus, it meant we did not have access to the servers which would allow us to post to the Observer website.  

Mary Jo Shafer, our fearless advisor, took on the task of uploading stories written and/or edited by staff and correspondents. The Observer went on like this until the fall of 2021.  

Now that we are able to be back in the newsroom, all four, maybe five of us including our advisor, have all learned to post to our website for ourselves. I was very excited to use WordPress and the magic that is posting instantaneously online. It’s more than just a social media post; it takes more work than a simple tweet. As a writer, a journalist, to see your work and thoughts come to life on paper or in this case, on a screen, is the ultimate reward.  

Now here we are. It’s October 26. We are working on a 24-page print edition.  

“What is “print”? What is InDesign? I have to use THIS Mac again?” 

Here I am on THIS Mac. Working with no end in sight, or so it seems. Everyone else has gone home. It’s just Mary Jo and me.  

My first print edition as editor-in-chief. I agreed to a 24-page special addition. I agreed to write an editorial. It feels like I am relearning all the things and adding in some new things too (thanks Shaun!). It is slowly but surely all coming back to me. All coming together.  

During the height of the pandemic, because we are still in it, I had doubts, as I am sure many of you did. But being back here, on campus, in the newsroom, it all feels right. It is reassuring to feel at home. I hope that everyone else feels this way when they are here at NECC. I wish I could stay forever- it’s like when I was a Brownie in the Girl Scouts and didn’t want to leave so the troop leaders let me stay an extra year. But for now, I will continue to soak in everything I can, and say yes to every challenge.  

In the word of Ms. Frizzle, this is the place to, “take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!” 

I think we can do this again. And we will! The Observer will release another 24-page special edition on December 2. Stay tuned! 

Courtesy Photo

Ms. Frizzle and Liz on another class adventure.

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