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Knights win their first conference game of the season


 On Nov. 9 NECC Knights face off against Quinsigamond Community College in the Sports and Fitness Center. 

This was the Knights first conference game of the season. A big crowd was in hand just like on opening night this time 121 people were in attendance.  

This was the Knights first conference game of the year. NECC basketball head coach Darren Stratton mention to me “I think every conference game is important. With first conference game you want to go out, you obvious you want to grab it…”  Stratton said. If the Knights wants-to go far this season and have a chance for competing for a championship those are the team they need to beat. 

 They were 1-2 in the season entering tonight a chance to go back at .500.   

 The Knights begin the first period in total domination. They begin the first seven minutes of the first period with a 30-6 run. 

The Knights also had 6 fouls in that first period while Quinsigamond had 8. They were leading 34-22 at the half.  

Sports Editor, Jose Rodriguez

NECC Knights in action vs Quinsigamond Community College Nov 9

The last 13 minutes in the period they did not play intense like they did they were outscored 16 to 4. One of the reasons is probably because Matt D’Amotto injury it took the team out of rhythm a little.  

In the post-game interview coach Darren Stratton mentioned to me “I think is to early to determine but as you saw they put in a air cast right away so I think his injury it’s going to be pretty significant for us moving forward… he is another key lost to key member of our rotation that we been using,” Stratton said.  

The second period the Knights had 7 fouls while Quinsigamond had 4. The Knights had less foul than they had in opening night.  

The Knights would not win this game if it were not for the performance that Elijah Haas of Haverhill had. Haas  scored 23 points in 20 minutes a career high in point. It was enough to defeat Quinsigamond 85-57. The knights also had 41 rebounds and 20 assist during the game.  

He mentioned to me “I think it was energy honestly the bench had it energy.” The rhythm and the energy for Elijah and his teammates really brought their game. As the Knights was in control command and never blow a lead during the game.  

The Knights really need someone to step up big and have that big enough lead to start the game so the team could go into rhythm and be positive that they could really win this.  

I ask Matt Logue of Windham, N.H.,  how important was getting a win against a conference team.

“Really important we got to get as many division wins as we can and try to win a division championship,” said Logue. 

 Every team have that same mind and same mentality. The first goal is to win a division champion and the second goal is to win the championship one step out time. 


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