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What the Respiratory Care Club at NECC is all about

At Northern Essex Community College, students can become involved on campus through a number of different clubs and organizations like the Respiratory Care Club. In the club, students studying respiratory care have the opportunity to discuss health-related conditions, and can take advantage of different volunteer opportunities allowing them to give back to the community.  
The club was initially started by the coordinator of NECC’s respiratory care department Jennifer Jackson-Stevens, and has been running for a number of years now.  
According to club advisor and faculty member in NECC’s respiratory care department Alana Doherty-Crook, the purpose of the club is to inform individuals about the potential health implications of conditions connected to the respiratory system.
Currently, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the club is not meeting in-person, but Doherty-Crook is looking forward to resuming in-person meetings soon.  
During virtual club meetings, Doherty-Crook reviews the agenda with students, and they discuss which community events they would like to participate in. As a group, they talk about different ways to continue fundraising the club, too.
Students in the club have completed a number of different projects in an effort to spread awareness about respiratory-related health conditions throughout campus. “One of the projects we’ve had in past semesters is that students have completed poster boards so that other students can understand the health risks of certain conditions, such as smoking,” Doherty-Crook said. “I like to incorporate what we do on campus into the community so that people can understand the background of respiratory care.“   
In the past, students have also attended different community events in Haverhill, Mass. There, they have set up a table so those who are interested can walk over to learn more about the potential health impacts of respiratory-related conditions. Students have volunteered at the Emmaus House in Haverhill to help those in need, too.  
Doherty-Crook says that she enjoys her work at the college, but also enjoys being part of the club for a number of reasons. “I love engaging with my students and seeing them be successful in whatever they decide to do, whether it is academic or professional,“ Doherty-Crook said. “When you have a job you love, it doesn’t feel like you are going to work.” 
Doherty-Crook also says it is important to recognize the hard work that students have done during their time in the respiratory care program. “At the end of their second year, students are represented with repertory pins to show that we are proud of them for their hard work,” said Doherty-Crook.
The club will resume in-person meetings come January 2022 in the spring semester. The first in-person meeting is set for Jan. 28 at 10 a.m. in LC301 (El-Hefni Technology Center) on the Lawrence campus.

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