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NECC Community Prepares for the 2022 Spring Semester

Isa Grullon | NECC Observer

A bare Dimitry lobby is ready for students to return next semester.

Wrapping up the fall semester, NECC staff and students open up about the challenges they’ve faced this past semester and what they are looking forward to this spring. 

What seems to be a common theme this past semester is both staff and students are having mixed feelings about online learning and returning to campus. Along with struggling to navigate online schooling, the NECC community is both eager and anxious to come back to face to face classes. 

Coordinator of the Journalism/Communication program Mary Jo Shafer said,  

“I find online classes to be challenging and it has also been a challenge to adapt classes to a new hybrid model. For me personally it has also been a bit anxiety-producing to be back in a classroom because the pandemic is very much still here. Having said that, it also is wonderful to be back in a classroom too. It does make me happy to be able to see my students again in person! It’s just a lot to juggle/think about.” 

Owen Devlin, NECC student on track to graduate in the spring of 2022, said in an email, “Personally, I have faced many challenges this past semester since I have been working virtually. I enjoy interacting with other students and instructors, which I did not have the opportunity to do while off campus. Having said that, I like how some professors incorporated Zoom sessions into their instruction because I was able to interact with classmates in that way”. 

Although this has been a difficult time for most, the NECC community continues to  persevere and remain optimistic. 

“I am looking forward to hopefully having more in-person face to face contact with students. That includes the Observer student staff. I am looking forward to being able to be in the newsroom more with them and to putting out more print editions.”, Shafer said. 

In spite of his challenges with remote learning, Devlin has also had some positive experiences. 

 “I have learned so much from the classes I have taken this semester. Personally, I most enjoyed Journalism II as I had the opportunity to continue doing what I enjoy most: meeting new people, hearing their stories and writing stories. I would like to pursue a career in broadcast journalism, so that I can continue doing this. I have learned a lot of valuable skills through the writing I have done this semester, and am looking forward to hopefully applying those skills as I continue on my educational path.” He said. 

 Classes for the spring 2022 semester begin January 19.