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Students share tips on how to fight the ‘seasonal slump’

While many enjoy the skiing weather that winter in New England brings, many others suffer to get the motivation to go about their regular daily routines. This “seasonal slump”...
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Students vs. COVID

A daily struggle with seemingly no perfect or correct answer, yet there has to be a unique solution for every individual. The story of a procrastinating student is overused...
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Why are high school students choosing to become dual enrollment students at NECC?

High School Students in Newburyport are now taking dual enrollment classes at Northern Essex Community College, however, they all seem to be doing it for different reasons,...
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COVID-19 and online learning leaves lasting mental health impacts

Massachusetts schools were ordered to be suspended from in-person learning by March 16, 2020, by Gov. Charles Baker. Now in 2022, after a year and a half of online learning...
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Help available for students navigating FAFSA

 Free Application for Federal Student Aid also known as FASFA is an application that the federal government uses to evaluate a student’s financial status to know the loans...
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Student leaders advocate for free college bill

Whether you’re into local politics or not – college students across Massachusetts are looking towards a particular bill heading to the State House soon. Student advocates say we...
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