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Knights All-Region Men’s Soccer

On Wednesday Nov.2, Sam De Amorim of North Andover, Johnathan Diaz of Methuen and Fadi Serhan of Middletown were named NJCAA Region 21 All-Region by the region 21 soccer committee.

According to De Amorim lead Region 21 in both categories in goals and in points. Diaz’s eight assists during the season was second in Region 21 and Serhan was part of a second team for the second straight season.

De Amorim was named first team All-Region. He mentioned to me that he was really hyped when he got the phone call from NECC Soccer head coach, Coach Eusebio Marote “I know that is a really big achievement and getting nominated all region first team as a rookie made me really happy,”  De Amorim said.

De Amorim was surprised for his recognition of getting this achievement since there is a lot of good talented players in this region.

He is currently majoring in IT.

Knights Men's All-Region Soccer nominees Photo courtesy of

Knights Men’s All-Region Soccer nominees

His family member were really happy for him since they know how hard he works and was proud of him as well.

I asked him if he wants to play soccer professionally and for long he was playing ?

“Yeah, this is what I want to do professionally and hopefully I can get to that and I have been playing soccer since I was a little kid,” De Amorim said.

Diaz was named second team All-Region “My reaction was I was satisfies, nothing more nothing less. Coach actually told me, he called me. I was expecting first team but you know you take what you can get just work harder for next season,” he said.

He was kind of surprised winning All-Region, he told me.

Diaz is currently majoring in Accounting.

His family member told him when he got recognized for this achievement “just work harder, you happy that you got the recognition but you just go out there and work harder,” he said.

I asked him if this is what he wants to do professionally. “I have been playing soccer since I was five and yeah if the opportunity rises I am more than happy to play professionally you got to put in the hard work first,” he said.

He also said that this recognition is a motivation for next season.

Serhan was named second team All-Region “I found out online but like at the same time the only way I made it is because of the team, we put an effort and we made it. I didn’t care if I made it in the second team I care about being there for the team…,” he said.

He told me that he had it coming getting All-Region recognition that it wasn’t a big deal for him. He wasn’t surprised, he was expecting it.

He currently majoring in computer engineering.

His family was surprised of Serhan’s achievements he told me.

He has been playing since he was seven and he wants to play professional.