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Zyel Silva: The story of a young real estate agent

Zyel SilvaPhoto courtesy Chinatti Realty

Have you ever felt like you were put on earth for one very specific reason? For 24-year old Zyel Silva, according to his blurb on the Chinatti Realty website, this reason is “to improve the quality of the lives of those around (him).” Silva is an up and coming real estate agent based in Haverhill, Massachusetts. His charming personality and bright attitude have aided Silva in being able to sell many houses in his short time as an agent so far. He started when he was only 21, a fact that is difficult to pick up on considering his passion and dedication when discussing his profession.

When Silva is asked about what first made him think about pursuing real estate, he looks up, mind likely clouded with nostalgia from his younger years. “I saw what my dad was doing in the industry, fixing up houses and flipping them,” he says. He then shares that he knew he didn’t exactly want to follow in his father’s footsteps, believing that being an agent might be a more fitting role for him.

Silva’s first steps into the world of real estate were on what he calls “Youtube University.” 

He was able to gather information and hone in on what he specifically wanted to accomplish in the field. He is quick to cite both Ryan Serhant and Grant Cardone as inspirations in real estate. Silva specifically touches on Cardone, a “huge real estate tycoon,” and his interesting outlook on real estate, and how “he just made everything seem so possible.”

 After properly researching real estate, Silva took a 40 hour real estate class, quickly followed by the two tests required for one to get a real estate license. He made it a point to deeply look into different brokerages before picking the one that he felt was best suited for him.

Silva has a deep admiration for his profession, but is able to admit the challenges that go into what he does. He smiles when asked about potential struggles when it comes to real estate, knowing that it could be a loaded question. He simply states that “this business isn’t for everybody.” Buying or selling a house can prove to be an emotional process, whether through memories or sentimental home items. “You have to be educated on how to find creative solutions,” he said.

Silva describes that he at times feels attached to his phone, never wanting to miss calls that could come at seemingly any time, including over the weekend and later in the day. “I’m dealing with some of these people’s largest purchases of their entire lives, and that carries a lot of weight.”

Silva graciously discusses some of his proudest moments from his time in real estate so far. He highlights how he has been able to learn more, and to show love for his community. His profession often bleeds into his personal interests in this way, attending summer festivals, car shows, and other exciting events in his area.

“The biggest accomplishment for me has been the ability to grow within myself,” he says. 

He acknowledges certain changes that he has made in not only his conversational skills and convictions, but also his general demeanor. “I used to not watch what I said,” he says when asked to expand on his old behaviors. Through real estate, he has learned that the words you say can affect everything, in business as well as everyday life. 

Silva has also been able to share his passion with people that could be greatly affected by what he has to say. “I’ve had the opportunity to go on the radio, as well as to speak at schools.”

Silva is quick to point out the fact that many of his successes have been made possible with mentors within real estate that he’s had. He talks about Jason Posnick, his sales manager, and how he taught Silva about “asking the right questions to uncover motivation.” Max Inouye is also brought up by Silva in the discussion of mentors. 

Inouye is a friend of Silva’s, as well as what he would describe as a “master salesman.” Silva praises Inouye’s ability to “keep things simple”, and also admires that he’s “put (him) in the hot seat a few times.”

Silva’s parents have proven to be ultimately supportive of his endeavors in recent years. “I was excited for him, he’s got the personality for it,” his mother and NECC alum Maria Silva says. “He was telling me about a deal today, it was great!”

Peter Silva, Silva’s father, has not only gone to some of his open houses but has also “lent him contractors as well as installed smoke directors.” 

Silva’s best advice for anyone thinking of pursuing real estate is to “just shadow!” He acknowledges the way in which someone can learn by shadowing, as there are many professions and intricacies within real estate.

Anyone can keep up with Silva from his social media, where he posts not only real estate content, but also food and lifestyle within his community. His instagram is @cantmatchzyel.

Editor’s Note: After learning about profile writing in Journalism I class, Observer Campus Life Editor Demiya Silva was inspired to write this portrait of her brother.