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Organize, prioritize, accomplish

  At the heart of being an effective student, in my experience, is three words, which are Focus, Prioritize, Accomplish. While this credo might be a bit simplistic for some more...
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CNN anchor jumps the shark

On Monday the 29th of October, CNN anchor Don Lemon sparked an outrage when he made comments on air that asserted that the greatest terror threat in the country is white men....
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Midterm musings

The midterm elections are fast approaching, and candidates, celebrities and businesses alike are taking part in a nationwide push to energize the youth to become politically...
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Guilty until proven innocent?

The present firestorm over Judge Kavanaugh’s potential appointment to the Supreme Court may be the peak of the many trials (be they legal or public opinion) of the #Metoo...
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Online censorship stifles discourse

Recent actions by major social media   platforms heralds the restriction of free    expression and the collapse of partisan discourse Social Media, for all the regulations, terms...
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Starting off the semester right

A few ways to stay healthy, stay organized and stay on schedule From myself and all of us at the Observer, welcome back! I hope you had a restful and fun summer. For those who...
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