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Review of ‘The World’s a Little Blurry’

Apple tv’s newest film; The Worlds A Little Blurry gives us an insight on pop sensation Billie Eilish’s life, whose life magically changed at the age of 13. The story starts...
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My top two places in Lawrence that offer birria tacos

If this picture made your mouth water then you are one out of the millions who have been affected by the birria taco craze.This new birria taco trend has recently taken the world...
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A pandemic sort of poem?

How do I keep myself grounded when the world keeps spinning out of control ? As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, I begin to lose my balance. It was finally...
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The best A24 films to watch

A24 is an independent entertainment company that produces films. Over the years their selection of films has expanded and reached different platforms. These may be some of the...
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Tips for coping with anxiety

These troubling times have taken a toll on our mental health. Being forced to be home hasn’t been easy for anybody, but it is exceptionally hard for those with disorders. It...
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Tea helps to cope with quarantine, symptoms

I think I was exposed to Coronavirus.  The day was Tuesday April 14, 2020. I woke up that morning with a cold.  I was scheduled to work and was debating whether I would work the...
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