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PACE students enjoy workshops

PACE always has your best interests at heart and takes the lead during the week of Spring break by providing weeklong activities, opening with the annual NECC Student Success...
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PACE wants you

Photo by Karen Stokes This story is to highlight one of the many different programs here at Northern Essex. In the event that you are unaware of this program this article will...
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My story: A first-year student shares her experiences

I wanted to do an extra credit story and I did not know what I wanted to do the story on. I figured all the news stories about the school probably have already been written and...
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Greatnes begins at home: A conversation with Noelia Figueroa

It was to my honor and surprise when interviewing Noelia Figueroa did, I out find what great talent we had here on the NECC campus. Our initial contact was due to some issues I...
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Success stories behind the pandemic: NECC’s financial aid department

Success Stories Behind the Pandemic    There have been so many adjustments taking place here at the school due to the pandemic. In every area and in different departments that I...
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Navigating nursing home woes: How a vulnerable population is affected by the coronavirus pandemic 

Many families with members in nursing homes have been severely impacted by the pandemic.   “The impact the pandemic has had on residents in the nursing homes that suffer from...
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