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Students react to COVID-19 vaccine news

On the 13th of December, the Covid vaccine was being packaged and prepared to be distributed all across the country. The vaccine made history, becoming the fastest ever created....
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Students react to rising COVID numbers statewide

On 16th and 29th of November three members in total of the NECC community were found to test positive for coronavirus. The cases in Massachusetts overall continue to rise, with...
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Students weigh in on 2020 election

The election began on Nov. 3, just as it always had. The days following seemed to be longer with emotions running high until finally, a winner was projected on Nov. 7 at 11:26...
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Students connect with virtual debate watch party

On October 22nd the final presidential debate took place. Students gathered and watched on, connecting through the tool called Zoom, that has aided us through the pandemic. The...
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Students reflect on loss of on campus experience

Not much has changed since March of 2020. NECC students remain inside, learning through the screens of their laptops. The only thing that is different is the question of what...
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