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Students share lessons from past year

With everything that’s been going on in the world I feel like most of us can agree that we have to do better at being compassionate to one another and to do better at making the...
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Tips to start a fitness journey

We are only a few weeks into this New Year, and if your New Years’ resolution to eat better, work out, and better your mental health is at a halt especially if you aren’t seeing...
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Covid’s impacts on our lifestyles continue

Lifestyle in 2020 took an unexpected turn. When covid hit, it shook up our everyday lives. The life that we once knew was gone, workplaces, schools, etc, had been shut down. As...
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Tips on coping with the anxiety and stress of these times

With the coronavirus putting us into another month of quarantine It can be really hard on everyone mentally and physically. It’s really hard to be stuck inside all day, every day...
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Speechapalooza goes online

Speechapaloozaa is ON-line. Due to all this craziness this year students will be hosting this event online April 29-May 1. The event is being run by David Rattigan’s public...
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