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COG sponsored trivia night is a festive success

The Community Outreach Group works throughout the academic year by doing meaningful work that supports the communities adjacent to NECC. These are included but not limited food...
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The power struggle between the media and real-life violence

The entertainment industry is one of the most popular and influential things that we as human beings consume. One of the more popular themes that we are exposed to within this...
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MAICEI program sets up students with disabilities for success

There are many ways for students to access the Northern Essex Community College, whether its as a full-time student, a part-time student, or an Early College Student but there is...
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Social media leads to an acceptance dilemma

Social media has become an enormously powerful tool that society has used for many different purposes. From Facebook to Instagram to many others we now have more ways to connect...
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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Pandemic Etiquette 101

The day of March 12 will live in infamy due to the coronavirus pandemic and how it subsequently shook up the world. When this pandemic first hit, we didn’t exactly know...
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