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The ongoing genocide in China

In the Xinjiang province in the People’s Republic of China there is genocide going on and its being perpetrated by the government. The target of this ongoing crime against...
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The problems of Critical Race Theory

In the lead up to the 2020 election more specially during the first presidential debate., Fox News correspondent Chris Wallace asked former President Trump about why he banned ...
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COVID-19 one year later: An oral history

In March 2020 the world stood still when a pandemic ended everyday life. It started as a virus with its origins unknown that started in the city of Wuhan in the heart of the...
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GameStop vs Wall Street

The video game retailer GameStop has been on a downward trend due in recent years to its poor sales horrible management and COVID-19 nearly tanking and bankrupting the company....
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A review: HBO’s “Plot Against America”

This speech might be pulled from an alt-right rally but it’s not, this speech was given on September 11, 1941 by American Aviator, Charles Augustus Lindberg, during an America...
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