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Student Orientations at NECC

Students are seated at several tables watching an orientation in the student technology center.Photo by Rebecca Westerman

A group of NECC freshman attend orientation.

Student orientation was held in the Technology Center on Monday, Aug. 25 at noon.

Recent alumnus Matt Gingras who majored in journalism and communications gave the presentation to new students coming to NECC alongside alumna Kadee Tapley, a recent business major graduate.

The incoming students did several fun activities, like a time management exercise to balance schedule and bingo.

New students went over the three D’s of NECC: disrespectful, disorderly, and disruptive.

This mnemonic helps students remember what kinds of attitudes they should avoid as part of the code of behavior at NECC to prevent harassment of any nature. 

All new students received a goodie bag of folders, a notebook and general information about NECC, including the requirement of a parking pass for $8.50 at the beginning of each semester. 

The students also had pictures taken for their student IDs either before or after attending orientation.

The incoming students were given a tour of NECC including the locations of the public safety office, the General Service Center also known as the B building and Science building, Bentley Library, the Spurk building, and the fitness center.

Some students were a little apprehensive about starting, especially those fresh out of high school.

“Just being a freshman, I don’t know exactly what it’s going to be like,” said Carly Bushe, who is currently undecided on her major after realizing that the major she wanted was not offered at NECC.

 “I do know what my major is, but they don’t offer it here so I’m just gonna take the requirements. I was thinking also about going into Journalism.” 

To save money, many students take core classes at NECC even if their intended majors aren’t offered here.

 Being undecided when arriving at NECC is pretty common.

 Many students change their majors and their minds about what they want to do.

Other students know exactly what they want to do when they arrive. Andres Hernandez is studying Movement Science.

“I’m very excited. I’m kind of excited to see who’s in my classes. Looking forward to it,” said Hernandez.

Having to balance school, work, sports or other activities hit the new students during the time management exercise professors’ videos, which outline the level of performance NECC expects of its students.

“Some of my concerns are balancing time management with basketball, work and school,” Hernandez said.

Although most of the new students are very excited, some are a little nervous about the first day of classes and the upcoming semester. 

Alexandra Santana, another incoming student said, “Yes I’m excited, but I’m nervous about the first day.”

 It is normal to feel a little out of place at a new school but at NECC there will always find a friendly face willing to help.