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What’s next for recent NECC graduates?

NECC student Jared Blouin stands smiling with his diploma.Photo courtesy of Jared Blouin

Jared Blouin is a recent NECC graduate

This past spring, the students and staff said farewell to the 2013 graduates. Many students probably wonder what they are going to do after being here, and where life will take them.

Jared Blouin reflects on his time at NECC, and what he has planned next. 

“My experience was enjoyable. I think the staff challenged me as a student but also offered palpable assistance with any questions,” said Blouin.

 Blouin said he wouldn’t change a thing about his experience at NECC.

“As far as difference, nothing really comes to mind. I thought the staff were helpful — from the student center to the library faculty. The class sizes were small enough to be engaging. I suppose some academic leniency was evident.” 

Blouin is currently taking higher level classes at the University of Vermont Burlington concentrating on his major of plant biology and anthropology and has no apprehension about his current path. 

“NECC has always been to me a stepping stone, and a sturdy one. The next step is no more an obstacle than the first. I look most forward to taking higher level courses for my discipline and the connections I will make — just as those made at NECC.” 

“My plan, grad school, peace corps. Maybe navy, but I don’t know if we need to go that far into it” he said.

Another recent graduate, Kat Duma, also shared her experiences at NECC.

“I enjoyed NECC very much. The professors there were nice and very helpful with anything you had a hard time on. I feel like NECC prepared me as I go onto the next school I had applied to. 

“There was a lot of club activities that I wish I could of joined for example a photography club. I love photography, but due to work I had no time to enjoy those.[clubs] 

“If I could change something, I would change the effort I put into my schoolwork; I do wish I put more effort than I really did.” 

Duma makes a very good point about NECC,  there are tons of awesome clubs that are not only fun but can also help build up your college applications or resumes once you leave the school.

“I got accepted into UMass Lowell and I’m majoring in psychology and sociology. I’m a little anxious just about starting this year off at a new school that I’m not familiar with but that’s pretty normal,” said Duma. 

“I do want these last two years at UMass to be the best two years of my college life; I’m going to make a big effort and study really hard to contain high grades.

“I’m looking forward to making new friends. I’m a very friendly person and love making new friends. 

“My plans for the future are to just focus on finishing off school and getting my degree. Then we’ll see what happens from there.”

As these and many other students graduate and move on to four-year schools, and careers, the doors of NECC are always open for a visit from alumni.

NECC wishes them luck and prepares to help a new year’s worth of students take the next steps into their future.