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Students’ comics on exhibit

The Haverhill Public Library is currently hosting an art exhibit featuring original graphic novels created by NECC students. The work was produced during the spring 2014 semester class entitled “Art and Literature of the Graphic Novel,” a learning community course co-taught by professors Ginger Hurajt and Marc Mannheimer.
In this project, students wrote and illustrated short graphic stories, which were then compiled into the first volume of “Tales From the Valley.” This 44 page book is a collection of 21 of these stories and was produced and published on the Haverhill campus.
“The hardest part was learning to transfer what you’ve written into a picture that still tells the same story,” said Benjamin Pintor. He has been doodling illustrations for as long as he can remember, though he previously had little experience with writing his own story for which to provide the illustration.
Pintor is currently majoring in general studies with a focus on art and industrial design. He enjoyed the project and plans to pursue a career that allows him to use his artistic talent.
Also featured is Dylan McDougall, an art major who was inspired at a very young age by a brother who was always drawing. As well as a love for drawing, McDougall found poetry to be an invaluable outlet when experiencing difficult times throughout his life.
McDougall is currently preparing to launch his own original clothing line called “Smile Just Because,” which will feature designs transferred to t-shirts and hats, for starters. While he is not clear about exactly what his long term career plans are, he said “my biggest goal is to change the world.”
Currently a liberal arts major, Yosmarlin Infante didn’t realize she could draw until she took a high school art class at the age of 14. As she improved, she began to look for ways to incorporate her love of drawing and her love of film.
Her favorite part of the class is that she finally learned how drawing can be connected to her career plans. “As an aspiring film producer, I can use my own storyboards to pitch my own ideas.” she said. Infante plans to transfer to the film program at Fitchburg State College after graduation.
A reception was held on Sept. 11, 5 to 7 p.m. in the library’s Johnson Auditorium, allowing visitors to purchase the book and meet the artists and view the storyboards they created. Artwork will remain on display along the second floor gallery at the Haverhill Public Library until Sept. 30.
To purchase a book for $5, or for more information, contact Marc Mannheimer at