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NECC PACE Transfer Advisor Highlights Program’s Purpose

By Erica Croteau

Because NECC houses more than 70 associate’s degree programs and certificates, students are able to transfer out of the community college with a degree in hand. While the transferring process includes several steps and fine details, the PACE transfer program assists students from start to finish.

Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, PACE is able to support first-generation, income eligible students with graduation and transfer processes. While being funded by the government, PACE is only able to service NECC students who meet criteria that is purposely outlined by the government.

Once deemed eligible, students are able to meet with advisors in order to see what needs can be met and what steps can be taken.

NECC transfer advisor, Kristen Arnold, said, “my goal is to meet one-on-one with all our students to help them clarify their career and transfer goals.”

During this process, advisors implement a transfer questionnaire that allows them to understand factors that will ultimately sway a student’s decision to transfer. This could include aspects such as a student’s intended major, a price range and whether or not he or she plans to commute. Once these factors are outlined, students and advisors can work together to create an appropriate application list that will allow them to move forward in the process.

As the transfer process includes many steps and details, Arnold voiced that paperwork becomes one of the most difficult challenges when going through the process.

“Depending on where students apply and how many colleges they decide to apply to – the paperwork can get a bit complicated. It’s really important to stay organized and ask your advisor for help when there is something you receive that you don’t understand,” said Arnold.

While the process could pose some difficulties, Arnold has seen that starting out at NECC makes a difference in several aspects of a student’s academic career. When asked if NECC transfer students have been properly prepared academically, Arnold said, “our students do very well when they transfer and transfer admissions staff have also commented to me on how well prepared our students are for upper level coursework.”

From start to finish, PACE offers eligible students the chance to make that successful transition while making sure that each step is checked off and completed correctly along the way.

With spots currently open in the PACE transfer program, reach out to Kristen Arnold to see if you are eligible for their services.

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