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Campus Cafe

By Jimmy Richards

Last year, NECC decided to remodel their cafe located in the Student Center, but many students are unaware of what it even has to offer. A majority of students said they didn’t even know where the cafe was located.

Kelsey Brown, a student attending for her first time at NECC said, “Well, I knew there was a cafe in the c building, but I had no idea about the remodeled cafe because no one ever told me about it.”

Many students are saying the same thing because they don’t know what’s going on around campus.

Jared Richard, a new student attending NECC said, “I knew about the cafe, but it’s just too far away for me to get there in between classes. I mean it’s nice, but who wants to hike there. All my classes are ten minutes apart, and it just leaves no time for me to get there.”

Richard also added, “Many students are busy learning in the C and B buildings which means access to the cafe is limited.”

Another student had suggested a different idea that may in fact help out the campus cafe.

Eric Perez, a two-year student attending NECC said, “Honestly, I feel like they should put better food in there. But as the people who work there, they are very nice, very polite and will help with everything. I just feel like there should be healthy things in there, and they should take the time to lower down the price because they are making a profit out of that.”

Perez also gave another valid point about the remodeled cafe.

Perez said, “I feel like there should be more guidance towards the cash register because everything is cramped together.”

Perez also said that the campus cafe is “hidden.”

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