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Library Renovations

A new computer lab and more overall space for students are coming

By Nick Pantinas


If you’re a returning student to NECC, you will notice quite the difference when you walk back into the Bentley Library.

That’s because its computer labs are currently undergoing a renovation.

All the books from the third floor have been moved down to the first to make way for a huge overhauling of the upstairs level of the library.

Gale Stuart, a 34-year NECC veteran and head of References Services, said, “There won’t be as much room for students during the renovation, but the end result will be an improved library with a new computer lab.”

With all this construction going on it may be an inconvenience for of students and staff, so keep this in mind if you’re planning on going to the library to study.

In the end, the benefits should outweigh the costs, though, as more space will be afforded to complete work and hold classes.

The construction of the new computer lab will be ongoing throughout winter break and will end right about when the spring semester starts.

Mike Gendron, the supervisor in charge of construction commented, “We expect construction to end around Jan. 22, 2016. . . once it’s completed, a raise and a vacation would be nice too!”

With the ongoing renovations of the college, NECC is looking to the future with upgraded buildings filled with new technology that benefit both faculty and students.

While the noise may be distracting, the results will hopefully have been worth the wait.

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