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Mock Election

In the last edition of the Observer, we asked our readers to participate in our mock elections. 54 people sent us their responses.

With a whopping 63 percent of the vote, Bernie Sanders is the clear winner.

Sanders, who is currently running for President of the United States under the Democratic Party, is well-known as the only democratic socialist candidate; a fact that’s creating some waves in both of the mainstream American parties.

He says he wants to provide protection for working-class and middle-class families, as well as work toward a true single-payer healthcare system that allows people to get the care they need no matter their economic class or status.

Dr. Ben Carson, from the Republican Party, came in second with 9.3 percent. Other candidates that got less than 5.3 percent were Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Jill Stein, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Lawrence Lessing, Marco Rubio, and Vermin Supreme.

Some of the students of Northern Essex have expressed and shared the reasons why their preferred candidates should win.  

Michael JW Ross, who is a Theatre Major at Northern Essex,  expressed that he will be voting for Bernie Sanders in the upcoming election.

“I am voting for Bernie Sanders because out of all the candidates he’s simply the one that’s going the way I believe.

“He is actually looking towards the future. He is a student’s best friend,” Ross said, referencing Sanders’ plan to make higher education free for American students.

Another student who has shared his candiate choice is Jake Soraghan. “I am voting for  Rand Paul, who I feel has a sense of not only social freedom but physical freedom.

“I also like how he is fighting against the NSA Spy program,” Soragham said.

 Voting is one of our fundamental rights as American citizens, but some people even consider it one of our responsibilities. Many people feel that we should work harder to get informed about the people running for office.

“We live in a democracy. Citizens have the responsibility to be informed,” said Amy Callahan, professor of Journalism/Communication.

It’s very important for the young generation to vote because they are the future voices of this world.

It’s also important for the young generation is that they find a president who will to listen to their voices.

People fought years for the privilege to vote, and it’s our responsbility as a democracy to choose a leader for our country.

Make sure to keep paying attention to the upcoming election and don’t forget how important it is to cast your vote. If you believe in change, you should do something about it!


The total number of votes each candidate received (out of 54):

Bernie Sanders, 34 votes

Ben Carson, 5 votes

Hillary Clinton, 3 votes

Donald Trump, 3 votes

Jill Stein, 2 votes

Rand Paul, 2 votes

Marco Rubio, 1 vote

Scott Walker, 1 vote

Jeb Bush, 1 vote

Lawrence Lessig, 1 vote

Vermin Supreme, 1 vote