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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,


I’m a recent NECC alum, and I came back to campus a few weeks ago to visit some teachers and friends. When I was walking across campus with my friend to get to her class, I noticed the police recruits, who had just moved onto the NECC campus the year I graduated, were practicing combat routines on the quad in between B and C buildings.


I was alarmed that they were practicing these loud and disruptive activities in the proximity of classes, in a space where small children from the daycare center play and take walks, and in a space where students eat lunch and socialize.


The recruits should be practicing these loud routines far away from classrooms and students because they can be disruptive to a learning environment and can cause anxiety and panic attacks in students with conditions like general anxiety disorder, agoraphobia and PTSD.


I was also not pleased to find out that the recruits regularly book Lecture Hall A to the point where it is becoming very difficult for student clubs to use the room for academic meetings and events. Lecture Hall A is an important space for events, especially for the Liberal Arts, and the students at NECC should have priority.


I can only hope that Lane Glenn, David Gingerella and Bill Heineman will address the students’ concerns with respect and prompt action.



Faith Gregory

Communications and Political Science Alumna

Former Editor-in-Chief of the NECC Observer

Former President of Contemporary Affairs Club